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Panels of the repeating wan or ten thousand year longevity motif surround a voluptuous pewter rice bowl. Luxurious 24K gilding highlights lucky coins, the bowl’s lip, interior and tripod feet.

In Chinese geomancy, or feng shui, the display of a generous open bowl, with either an element of gold or some representation of wealth, is prescribed to attract good fortune.

More amulet but never official currency, the auspiciousness attributed to the Zhengde Tongbao ‘lucky coin’ derives from the Chinese love of wordplay. Although the Zhengde Emperor did indeed occupy the throne from 1506 to 1522, no circulating coinage bearing his name was minted during his reign. However, coin-shaped charms bearing the characters for Zhengde Tongbao 正德通寶 were minted from the mid 1600s, the characters translated as ‘Coinage of True Virtue’ and thus bestowing them with auspicious aspects.
Bowl H5.5cm * Dia 10.5cm, stand H5.5cm * 10.5cm * 10.5cm

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